Financial Support

The U.M. ARMY Experience is funded by participation fees of $250 per missionary. However, additional support is required to fund the following:

1. Growth efforts: As a new Chapter, U.M. ARMY NxNW Texas is working to reach out to churches who have not had the opportunity to participate in missions. In the next year, we hope to commission a Chapter promo video and prepare professional quality outreach materials. Funding for these items would not be included in the participation fees.

2. Scholarship Funding: U.M. ARMY North x Northwest Texas is committed to insuring that every interested student is able to attend the week long experience, regardless of ability to pay. The Chapter will be creating a fund set aside for scholarship funding.

3.  New Chapter Costs: As a new chapter, we need your support to help create the infrastructure for the organization that will last for generations to come. Start up costs such as new computers, cameras, etc are necessary to create the high quality, professional operation that will sustain long-term mission success.

U.M. ARMY North x Northwest Texas has a bright future because of the support of people like you, and we ask for your support in providing the resources necessary to fulfill God’s calling to further youth mission opportunities in North and Northwest Texas.

Donate today at: 

U.M. ARMY, 700 Highway 30 E, Huntsville, TX 77320

For more information, contact one of the Board Members or Scott at [email protected]