Saturday, May 31, 2014

U.M. ARMY Charters Chapter to Serve North and NW Texas

United Methodist Action Reach-out Mission by Youth (U.M. ARMY) has fulfilled its mission of “providing Christ-centered, quality youth work camps that serve people in need and promote spiritual growth and leadership development in youth” in Texas since 1979. The organization that started in Athens Texas hosted youth mission camps in eight states this year with almost 5,000 missionaries repairing homes of low-income, elderly and disable homeowners in need.

And as of this Fall, the North Texas Annual Conference has a chapter serving churches within its boundaries. U.M. ARMY, Inc works to strengthen the ministry nationwide, and creates local chapters with local leadership to facilitate camps within geographic boundaries. For the past five years, National leadership has been working with leaders from North and Northwest Texas churches with the goal of creating momentum for a North and Northwest Texas Chapter. In 2013, 476 youth and adult missionaries either attended camps within North and Northwest Texas, or attended camps from churches in the region.

The typical U.M. ARMY model involves between 60-120 youth and adult missionaries meeting at a host United Methodist Church within the geographic bounds of their chapter on Sunday evening and staying until the following Saturday. They will split into work teams of 4-7 youth with one adult and will repair the homes of low-income, elderly and disabled homeowners for about eight hours per day Monday-Friday. Days begin and end with worship, and clients are invited to join and participate in dinner and worship on “Client Night” toward the end of the week.

Camp planning is underway for 2014, so contact 877-771-9484 Ext 2 or [email protected] for more information, or contact one of the U.M. ARMY North-Northwest Texas Board Members listed below for more information or to arrange a presentation to your group.

Derek Blackmon, Bridgeport
Joseph Bradley, Arlington, Perkins School of Theology
Rev. Valarie Englert, Commerce
Holly McCuiston, SMU
Jim Patton, Commerce
Rev. John Peel, Denton
Scott Shipley, New World
Claire Simmons, Denton
Mark Vennerholm, Denton

For more information, contact Interim Executive Director Scott Atnip at [email protected] or 877-771-9484 Ext 2